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Coking *2 Pesto

Hello girls, il piatto che piace di più in assoluto in UK è la pasta al pesto… Tutte le persone che mi capita di conoscere mi chiedono se è possibile fare il pesto a casa e come si fa… Io qui ci casco a pennello essendo mio papà genovese doc, mia nonna mi ha insegnato a cucinare quasi tutti i piatti più tipici. In Liguria il pesto si fa molto diversamente che nel resto d’Italia, infatti il pesto fatto in altre regioni a me personalmente non piace, l’originale rimane sempre l’originale per me… 🙂

Hello Girls, the Italian plate that is more common in UK is Pasta al Pesto… Al the people Tanya I happen to meet asks me if it is possible to make the pesto source at home and ask me to teach them, here I’m in my way because my father is from Genova (Liguria) where the pesto source was born and my grandmother thought almost all the most common recipes… Pesto in Liguria is made differently from the rest of Italy, I personally don’t like the pesto source made in other regions the original is always the original for me 🙂

So che annoierò tantissime di voi care amiche perché il pesto lo sapete già fare ma, portate pazienza dobbiamo insegnare alle amiche inglesi come farlo a casa magari per un’occasione speciale… Tutti gli ingredienti sono stati acquistati al Tesco.

I know that the Italian friends and readers will get a little bored about this recipe because they already know how to make pesto souce, but please be patient we must help our UK friends to make it at home, maybe for a special occasion… All the ingredients that you will see on the pictures were bought at Tesco’s.




Ok, now that you have seen all the ingredients that you will need let’s start separating the lieves of the basil and throwing away the rest, after that wash the basil and put it inside the mixer… I use five packages of basil and it makes pesto for 6 people eat abundantly…

Put the pine nuts in the mixer… You can choose rather you put them before or after the basil… One package is enough…

Put oil, I usually put four big spoons… Put the grana padano cheese, the garlic (one is enough) three big spoons of butter and rock and roll 😀 if you feel that the mixer is working too hard help with a spoon and also you can add half cup of water…


When your pesto will look like this… Is finished you can store in the fridge till the pasta is not ready and when the pasta is ready just put as much as pesto you like on the pasta mixed well so you will have pesto well mixed to the pasta and serve to your friends and family, if you like you can put Parmesan cheese on the pasta, I like it very cheese (is this a word?) hahahahhaha aniway your family and friends will love it!!!

Here is the picture of the linguine pasta which are the best to eat with this souce… I don’t know if you know it but in Italy every souce goes with a different type of pasta… 🙂 Remember to cook the pasta the 12 minuets as is written on the package and your plate will be perfect.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and please let me know if you liked it…


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