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So the year is ending and as every year I start thinking about a planner to use for next year… Particularly this year I decided to get more organized and also to focus in new projects. I feel like the last two years I was focusing on other things like finding the right job and building a stable career… now finally I can focus on the realization of some dreams I have hidden in my drawer…

Searching on the internet I found many different kinds of planners: Filofax , Happy Planner and so many others… I never thought that so many planners existed in the market.

What I would like to do is to be able to build my own planner based on my every day work, blogging and personal life… giving a little bit more of thought on that it would be very very big and heavy… something like Vogue’s september issue in my bag hehehehhehe I can totally imagine the stares when taking it out of my bag and placing it on the table in a coffee shop!!! Oh my GOD!!! 

In fact some months ago I bought an iPad Pro thinking that using the iPen I would be able to have and do everything on the iPad. What I didn’t know is that there is no app in the market that permits the use of the iPen to write in a planner… I wanted to have something like a filofax app where I could build my own planner/agenda, to do and just being able to create categories and add everything that I need. It would be so great because the ipad wouldn’t grow on weight and space. So I got really disappointed, my dream of building my own planner was gone!!! 

My question for you today is: what kind of planners do you use and what app do use and work for your as daily planners? Also did you have the same thought about using an iPad or tablet as a planner? If yes what apps are you using? 

I really need to get more organize and I really want to hear your ideas and methods. 

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Thank you 


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