Welcome to my blog 🙂

A lot changed since I started to blog… This blog started as a crochet dedicated blog and after a long period without writing and where my life had massive changes i decided to come back to blogging but with a totally different type of blog. 

I thought about deleting my old posts, but changed my mind, I think it’s nice that even new readers can go and see what was Lasomniantis before…

So my name is Lucy, I started this blog when i was 33 now i’m already 35!!! When I started this adventure it was a week after i moved to England, I wasn’t sure if I was staying or not but as you will understand reading my posts… I;m still happily leaving in Great Britain and I definitely love it!!! I love the people, the culture and everything that I see everyday!

What changed in this years is that I no longer work with Crochet, nowadays I work as a manager in an Aerospace company, I love it but i don’t have the time anymore to work on long projects. Let’s see if organising myself better i’ll get into it again but as for now i have no time and maybe patience for crochet. 

Another thing that changed is that I’m now married to an amazing man that I love with all my heart and I’m finally very happy!!! I discovered in this little time that we are together what is real love and what it feels like to be loved for everything that you are good or bad. The feeling of being accepted for what you really are is amazing! 

What I learned in this years in England is to accept people as they are without judging and that you can change your life whenever you want, you can be and become whatever you want. 

This blog will be about my daily experiences, dreams, thoughts and whatever I might think is interesting to share with you guys.

Thank you very much for reading this, thank you very much for visiting my blog. If you wish follow me on Instagram. 

Thank you 

La Somniantis

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Visitare l’ Inghilterra è uno dei miei sogni nel cassetto..
    E mi unisco volentieri al tuo blog perché adoro tutto ciò che è handmade e perché un giorno spero di riuscire anch’ io a creare i lavoretti che ti ho visto creare!


    1. L’Inghilterra è un paese meraviglioso, sembra di vivere in una fiaba ogni giorno… Poi le persone sono super educate, socievoli e sempre sorridenti, questa è la cosa che più mi piace a dire la verità… Grazie mille per avermi fatto visita, sicuramente ci riuscirai non vedo l’ora di vedere le tue creazioni 🙂 kisses ❤


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